Above photo is of Allie and her gelding, Niko, taken by Dionne

Allusion Images is owned and operated by Victoria local Allie Malaer, and is teamed up with photographer and digital artist Dionne Jade for all larger projects and when a second shooter is requested. 




When I was 3 I begged my (non-horsey) parents for riding lessons, after falling head-over-heels for Ginger in Black Beauty. They thought it was "just a phase" but here I am, 30-some-odd years later just as obsessed as I was back then, maybe even more so... 
I have been interested in photography almost as long; I used to be "allowed" one roll of film on our point-and-shoot digital camera for our outings to Spruce Meadows, and it was agony waiting for the film to be developed so I could see what I had captured. Thank goodness for the digital era!

I love capturing memories. I love getting that moment: the timing, the light, the angle just right and freezing that fraction of a second forever. I love that I get to help document a part of your journey. 




Coming soon...